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Dallas-Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

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Attorney Shane Lewis

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The Law Office of Shane Lewis is dedicated to serving the citizens of Tarrant County and Dallas County and has extensive experience in the these court systems dealing purely with Criminal Law.

Former Tarrant County Prosecutor

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Shane Lewis is a proven Criminal Defense Attorney with extensive experience in criminal defense matters in North Texas. Currently he concentrates his practice in the areas of Federal, State, and Juvenile Criminal Defense.

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We’ve had hundreds of dismissals, no-files, no-bills & acquittals. The results we achieve for our clients stem from hard work, experience, and dedication.

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Mr. Lewis has practiced for two decades in the Fort Worth and Dallas County Court systems and maintains a great working relationship with the Criminal District Attorney’s Office as well as other attorneys and court staff in Tarrant and Dallas Counties.  As a leading Fort Worth County criminal defense attorney,  Mr. Lewis believes that being well informed is one of the keys to successfully representing your criminal case.

“Power is a heady thing; and history shows that the police acting on their own cannot be trusted”

McDonald v. United States, 335 U.S. 451, 456, 69 S. Ct. 191, 193, 93 L. Ed. 153 (1948)

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Over 15 Years Experience In The Texas Court Systems

At the Law Office of Shane Lewis, we want to ensure that your case is handled in the most professional, competent, and personal manner. During your free consultation, Mr. Lewis will go over the facts of your case with you and provide you with a great deal of general information about the criminal justice system. He will listen to your concerns, devise a legal strategy, clearly outline the steps in the legal process and promptly set to work on your case.

Mr. Lewis is a former veteran prosecutor in the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, where experience gained him a reputation as a top Assistant District Attorney. Mr. Lewis served as lead prosecutor on hundreds of criminal cases including several high profile and notorious cases.

When you contact our office, you will find a criminal defense attorney focused on passionate, aggressive defense on your behalf. Contact our office now at 817-877-1500 for a free and confidential initial consultation with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas criminal defense attorney.