Understanding Marijuana Possession Laws in Texas

Relying on changing marijuana laws in other states can give Texans a false sense of security regarding the possession of marijuana.

In reality, Texas still prosecutes marijuana crimes. In fact, half of all drug arrests in Texas are marijuana arrests. 97% of those arrests are for the possession of 2oz or less.

Furthermore, many Texans do not realize that a conviction of possessing any amount of marijuana in Texas will result in a suspended drivers license.

Another lesser known fact about marijuana possession: when a substance contains marijuana, the state will prosecute based on the weight of the entire substance and not just the marijuana contained inside. That’s right, a pan of brownies with a small amount of marijuana can land you in the penitentiary.

So, how much trouble are you in if you have been arrested for marijuana possession?

The answer lies both in Texas marijuana laws and punishments and also in hiring a Tarrant County marijuana lawyer who keeps up with Tarrant County marijuana punishments and programs.

What Are the Punishments for Fort Worth Marijuana Possession?

How much marijuana do you have to possess to be in trouble? None, as it turns out. Possessing drug paraphernalia in Fort Worth or Arlington can include: bongs, grinders, clips, large quantities of cash, even plastic baggies is a class c misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500.

Tarrant County can prosecute any “usable amount” of marijuana, which can be as small as half an ounce, while a quantity of more than four ounces can land you in state jail for a minimum of 180 days.

Possession of less than two oz (“usable amount”) Class B misdemeanor Up to 180 days in jail and up to $2,000 fine
Possession of 2-4 oz Class A misdemeanor Up to one year in jail and up to $4,000 fine
Possession of 4 oz-5 lbs State jail (felony) 180 days – two years in a state jail and up to $10,000 fine
Possession of 5-50 lbs 3rd degree felony Two-10 years penitentiary and up to $10,000 fine
Possession of 50-2000 lbs 2nd degree felony Two-20 years penitentiary and up to $10,000 fine
Possession of 2000 lbs or more 1st  degree felony Five-99 years to life and up to $50,000 fine

What Can I Do to Help Myself?

Don’t be fooled by what is happening in other states, a marijuana possession arrest in Tarrant County still has the potential for lifelong consequences. Hire a Tarrant County Marijuana Lawyer

that can help you navigate a marijuana arrest. If you are facing a marijuana arrest, call an Arlington Marijuana Lawyer!