Federal Crimes Attorney

There may be nothing more frightening than the seriousness of a grand jury subpoena for a federal crime. Many people do not realize they are under federal investigation until after an extensive case has been built against them. Unsure of what is happening and their rights to decline speaking to these agencies, many people unknowingly give information that is used against them later. Understanding the federal crime process in Texas will help you to be better prepared, but if you have been contacted by a federal agency or received a grand jury subpoena, do not hesitate to call a Federal Defense Attorney now so that I can help you right away.

How do I know if I am being investigated for a federal crime?

In the Northern District of Texas as well as throughout the country, some crimes carry larger penalties than others and will be tried in the Federal Justice System. Some common federal crimes prosecuted in the Northern District of Texas include: gun offenses, money laundering, child pornography, tax evasion, wire and mail fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, forgery, racketeering and embezzlement. However, the list of federal crimes is extensive and you may not realize you are under investigation until you get a visit from a federal agent. These visits from agencies such as the DEA, ATF, IRS, FBI or even the treasury department can seem like casual chats to “clear up confusion” but in reality they are the usually gathering information in tandem with records review, wiretapping and even surveillance. If an agent appears at your doorstep, decline to speak with them and call a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney right away.


What can I expect in my federal case?

Without the intervention of a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, once federal agents have built a compelling case against you, often without your knowledge, you will likely be arrested. After the arrest, you will have a federal Detention Hearing to determine if you will remain in custody. Having a qualified Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer at your side is critical from the very beginning. Following that will be your arraignment, where you will hear the charges against you and enter a plea. At this point, there will be a discovery review where prosecutors will turn over the evidence they have against you to your attorney. A good Federal Defense Attorney will carefully sift through this evidence finding flaws and building a strong case for your Federal Defense. From there, you will either plead guilty and begin the sentencing phase, or go to trial. Your entire future hangs in the balance of this trial, so choose your Federal Criminal Defense Attorney well.

If you suspect there is any chance you could be under investigation for a federal crime in the Northern District of Texas or you or a loved one has been arrested for a federal crime, you will need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney who knows how prosecutors will approach your case. As a former prosecutor myself, I am very familiar with the complications and confusing double talk that can be used to make you say things that you may not have meant or may not even be true. Call me today and let me defend you against this very serious charge.