Understanding Deferred Adjudication


Deferred Adjudication is perhaps the most misunderstood and mythologized term in law. Often times these misconceptions can lead to legal woes. If you are looking into deferred adjudication in Tarrant county, better understanding of what it is can help you to make wise choices in your legal defense.

What is deferred adjudication?

In Texas, deferred adjudication is a probationary measure granted by the court prior to a legal sentence of guilty. This type of probation (or “community supervision”) is typically granted to first time offenders for some (but not all) offenses. Satisfactory completion of a deferred adjudication keeps a conviction off your record, however the arrest will stay on the record indefinitely without the correct measures.

The benefit of deferred adjudication is that it prevents a conviction record, but many people do not realize that it also leaves you open to harsher punishments should you violate your probation.

How can I also have the arrest removed from my record?

Depending on the case, arrest records accompanying a deferred adjudication may be sealed. An experienced attorney can help you seal your arrest record so that you do not live with limited employment opportunity, embarrassing social situations and other unintended consequences. Legal counsel that knows what offenses can be sealed and what cannot is crucial in these cases.


When can I opt for deferred adjudication?

You must choose to apply for deferred adjudication before your case goes to trial.

How long is my probationary period?

Probation can last for 2-10 years depending on the crime. In Texas, the probationary period may be lessened at the judge’s discretion. Should you find the terms of your probation too difficult to follow, an attorney can also negotiate the terms of the adjudication for up to 30 days after the plea has been made.

If you are considering deferred adjudication, a knowledgeable lawyer is critical to getting you the best and most reasonable deal. Call me today and let me take care of the best legal strategy for you.

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