Diversion Programs in Tarrant County

If you or a loved one is guilty of a crime, you may think the only option is traditional punishments that will not help to change. But even if guilty, the justice system does have options for those who know about them. These programs, called diversion programs, seek to rehabilitate the offender and prevent future mistakes.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Tarrant County and are guilty of the crime, the good news is that there are more options than most other counties. Tarrant County offers many great diversion programs for different issues, giving motivated individuals the potential outcome of avoiding typical punishments.

What Are Diversion Programs?

Diversion programs (also known as rehabilitation programs or specialty court programs) are options for offenders who are guilty of a crime but who are also committed and motivated to turn away from the behaviors that caused their arrest.

These include: drug programs like the Tarrant County First Offender Drug Program, Tarrant County Deferred Prosecution Program, Tarrant County Youth Diversion Alternative, Tarrant County Domestic Violence Diversion, Tarrant County Other Behavior Intervention with Assault Non Family Program, Tarrant County Felony Alcohol Intervention Program, Tarrant County Mental Health Diversion Program, as well as many other programs for non-violent drug offenders, DWI offenders, veterans, sex workers, and even high risk offenders.

Once completed, many of these programs can qualify the offender to avoid penitentiary time, have a sentence lessened, or in many cases even have an offense dismissed or expunged from their record.

How To Get Into a Diversion Program?

Diversion Programs in Tarrant County, though plentiful, have a notoriously difficult admission process. The court must be satisfied that the offender is not enrolling in the program to avoid punishment but to change their behavior. Only guilty offenders are eligible for a diversion program but no one is guaranteed entry. Different options and programs are available before and after your plea hearing.

In Tarrant County, you are required to have an experienced criminal attorney help you navigate the application process so the first thing you should do is contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer so that the Tarrant County Defense Attorney can begin looking for the best programs.

Once the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer has established the crime, whether you are in a pre-plea or post-plea situation, the amount of resources you have and the type of rehabilitation you are seeking, the experienced Tarrant County Defense Attorney will begin sorting through the more than 140 programs to find the one that is right for you. Each diversion program offers an opportunity for you to take the first steps to a fresh start and a more productive way to face your punishment. Let an experienced Tarrant County criminal defense lawyer help you evaluate your options.

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