Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

Every parent dreads the call informing them that their child has been arrested, and yet every day that call is a reality for many parents in Tarrant county. Juvenile criminal cases can include traffic violations, possession of marijuana or a controlled substance, criminal mischief, intoxication, probation violations, assault, gang activity, robbery, or many other violations.

Fortunately, the state of Texas understands that juvenile arrests can often stem from a one-time lack of judgement or maturity. In Tarrant County, juvenile cases can be handled through a separate court system set up to point minors towards a successful future, giving many different options and opportunities to be rehabilitated and have their records sealed.

Many people take for granted that this happens automatically, however this is not the case. Juvenile crimes, especially serious offenses, can still be tried in adult court. When this happens, an Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney is needed because the penalties become considerably more serious and long lasting. Additionally, the state can also seek something called a “determinate sentence,” which can result in prison time for a minor.

Often parents are surprised to find they are also summoned to court alongside the minor or feel that they will be able to navigate this process without a Tarrant County Juvenile Lawyer. However, a Tarrant County Juvenile case is very serious. It is in the best interest of the parent and child that an experienced Tarrant County Juvenile Attorney guide them through this process to obtain the best possible outcome.

If your child has been arrested or is facing consequences of a juvenile crime, call an Arlington Juvenile Defense Attorney and we can begin working together to protect their future.