Arrested in Tarrant County, Texas? Need A Bail Bondsman?

Did you know that research shows that the longer an arrested person is jailed, the higher chance the arrested person has of accepting a bad plea bargain with the prosecution?

It is in the arrested person’s best interest to call a Tarrant County Bondsman right away and allow an Arlington Bond Lawyer to help the arrested with a Tarrant County bond and get the arrested person out of jail as quickly as possible.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Fort Worth, Arlington, or anywhere in Tarrant County; you have options to get out of jail quickly.

Why pay in full?

An arrested person can instead use a bondsman. But it can be a mistake to use a bail bond company.

Why pay twice?

An arrested person has another option. A Bond Lawyer can get an arrested person out of jail quickly and handle the criminal defense!

Best and least expensive option

If arrested in Arlington, Fort Worth, or Tarrant County; call a Tarrant County defense lawyer. But make sure the Tarrant County defense lawyer is a bondsman too.

Do NOT waste money

Tarrant County bail bond companies generally charge at least 20% of the bond amount and this is never coming back to the arrested person or their family!

There is also no expectation of privacy with your bondsman. Anything you tell them or say in their presence may be used against you in court.

Quick Release from Jail

Hire a Tarrant County Defense Lawyer when you want a fast release from jail.

An Arlington Defense Lawyer can get a bond reduced, negotiate an arrested person’s quick release from jail, and protect an accused person from further charges each step of the way.

Understanding the process

Following an arrest in Arlington, Fort Worth, or any city in Tarrant County; an arrested person will appear before a judge who will set bail.

Many factors go into setting the bond amount including the severity of the alleged crime and past criminal history.

In some cases, such as felony probation violations, there may not be a bail set at all. In these cases, you MUST have a lawyer to get a bond set or reduced.

An Arlington Defense Lawyer that can immediately appear in court is critical. Do not waste money on a bail bond company, hire a defense lawyer that is also a bondsman.

Understanding your options

Once the bond amount is set, you have three options:

1.  Pay via cashier’s check (you may get this money back but it often takes a very long time),

2.  Hire a bail bond company and pay a non-refundable fee (and expose yourself to further prosecution by saying things that could be misremembered or misconstrued to the bond company), or

3.  Call an Arlington Defense Lawyer who can get a bond amount reduced and pay for a speedy release. A good Tarrant County defense attorney will then put the bond fees towards your legal fees and begin working on your case, all under the protection of an established attorney-client relationship.


If you or a loved one has been arrested, save money by hiring a defense lawyer and a bondsman at the same time. Get a quick release from jail and an Arlington Defense Attorney who will mount an aggressive defense immediately!