Traffic Citations in Arlington (& Surrounding Areas)

If you have received a traffic ticket in Arlington, Texas, you may think that you are doomed paying a hefty fine, giving time you don’t have to take defensive driving, paying more for insurance or even losing your license in some extreme cases. As an Arlington ticket attorney, I will tell you that is not correct. Too many people simply accept consequences from a ticket that should have been dismissed. Knowing the penalties for a ticket and understanding your options can help you make a better decision about your next steps.

Traffic Ticket Fines in Arlington

In Arlington, you can expect to pay around $180 to $200 as a baseline amount, plus an additional $8-$16 per MPH over the speed limit. On top of this, there is usually a penalty of paying drivers’ safety courses and the hours you must spend to take the course. It all adds up to a lot of money out of pocket and the loss of valuable time.

Too many traffic tickets over time can not only result in sky high insurance premiums, but may also result in the loss of your driver license or depending on the case, jail time. Unpaid tickets can result in arrest warrants and added fees.

Fighting Your Traffic Citation in Arlington

Many people find the idea of fighting a ticket in Arlington daunting, but in truth, it is often less time consuming than Texas defensive driving class and frequently the driver is able to get a favorable outcome in court. Most officers simply do not have the time to show up in court for a simple traffic violation and when they do, they come unprepared to deal with an attorney; often they do not remember crucial details necessary for a guilty plea.

Additionally, anything that was written incorrectly on the ticket, the possibility of faulty equipment or proof that you were driving defensively in response to another driver can all lead to a not guilty verdict.

As an Arlington lawyer who is trained in dealing with traffic tickets, it is my pleasure to take care of these issues for hardworking people like you, who have better things to do than deal with the headache of a traffic fine. Call me today and let me work for you.

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