Traffic Ticket Attorney in Pantego


The issuance of a traffic citation (or a speeding ticket) in Pantego, TX can ruin your day at the very least. It can also cost you time and money you don’t have, and have other intended consequences.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many people do not realize that as a Pantego traffic ticket attorney, I can help you find the best, most time and cost effective way to handle your traffic citation.

Speeding Ticket Fines in Pantego

In January of 2020, traffic citation fines increased substantially in Pantego, leaving drivers on the hook for fines of at least $200 and increasing to around $400 or more, based on the severity of citation and other mitigating factors.

The fine is only the first cost you will accrue, you can expect to have to shell out even more to enroll yourself in a defensive driving course, a class that also takes time that most of us do not have.

The  financial repercussions do not stop there: there can be additional insurance costs at your renewal, your employer may be notified from their insurance carrier if you drive one of their vehicles or transport documents or items for them. In some cases, the outcomes are a longer nightmare: you may face jail time or the suspension of your license depending on the case.

If you are not able to pay or attend to these matters due to financial or time conflicts, arrest warrants can be issued, leading to more fines and stiffer penalties.

Fighting Your Traffic Citation in Pantego

One of the best “life hacks” in fighting your Pantego traffic ticket is not known by many people: hiring a Pantego lawyer to fight your speeding ticket is usually the best way to get the most favorable outcome. A Pantego speeding ticket attorney can challenge the ticket for you, having the officer come to court and match up against someone who knows the crucial details necessary for them to obtain a guilty verdict. Frequently, the issuing officer simply does not have time to even show up in court for a basic speeding ticket.

Additionally, a trained Pantego ticket attorney can comb through the written materials regarding the ticket and look for inconsistencies, the possibility of faulty equipment or proof that your actions were the result of a defensive driving maneuver in response to another driver’s unsafe practices. Key incongruences like these can often be the different in a guilty or non-guilty verdict.

As a Pantego lawyer who is well versed in dealing with traffic tickets, it is my pleasure to take care of these issues for hardworking people like you, who value their time and money and have better things to do than deal with the headache of a traffic fine in Pantego, TX. Call today and let me work for you.