Weapon Offenses in Texas

With the adoption of open carry comes many misconceptions about where and when an individual can carry a weapon or firearm in Tarrant county, leading to a weapon or firearm arrest. Other extenuating circumstances, such as your criminal history and the broad definition of a weapon can lead to penalties such as a felony record, jail time, steep fees and the inability to own or carry a firearm ever again.

What is considered a weapon?

According to 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code, the list of perceived weapons in Texas is extensive and often misconstrued. Recent unfortunate events have spotlighted more obvious weapons like guns, automatic weapons and modified ammunition, but did you know that knives, brass knuckles, mace or clubs can be construed as a weapon?

Some everyday items that individuals may carry in the course of daily life can give them years of legal headaches. Without a Tarrant county attorney who is well verse in weapon convictions, these types of misunderstandings can cause life long troubles. Contact our office for a free consultation today.

What are the penalties?

Each case depends on a number of things, and these penalties can and will increase based on a number of variables.


How can I help myself?

 Texas is cracking down on weapons offenses, particularly gun based crimes. Individuals without representation may find themselves being held as an example. It is critical to have an experienced gun charge or weapon charge defense attorney if you are arrested in Tarrant county for a weapon crime. Call me today so we can begin to work on your defense.