Process of Arrest

Recently a man in Cypress, TX was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, but he received the surprise of his life as he was immediately arrested for possession of half a pound of methamphetamine.

In shock, he was taken to jail where he waited three days to be released. The Harris County Sheriff’s office touted the “drug bust” with a press release that included his photograph. The problem: what the police presumed to be meth was actually a sock filled with cat litter that he kept in his car to act as a defogger for his windows on cold days. Certainly he was not expecting any trouble aside from some foggy windows that day, and yet legal trouble almost always catches us unaware and unprepared.

Unfortunately, these moments happen every day. A car wreck where a driver is found criminally negligent, a teenager who finally stands up to a bully at school and is arrested for assault, a misunderstanding that results in a wrongful accusation. The sort of trouble that comes out of nowhere and requires immediate action to avoid serious consequences.

A Single Moment Can Change Your Life Forever

The Netflix documentary Making of a Murderer perfectly illustrated what can happen in a situation where there is a time lapse in calling an attorney. Many people were outraged by the arrest and interrogation of 16 year old special education student Brendan Dassey. Through four interrogations without legal counsel police obtained what was widely regarded as a coerced confession from Dassey.

By the time he was assigned legal counsel, the damage was done. Dassey was sentenced to life in prison and his appeal process continues to make headlines.  Confronted with a video that chronicled the unfolding of Dassey’s case, the public was outraged. Without a knowledgeable attorney guiding you through the justice process, both the innocent and guilty are forced to make immediate, difficult choices without understanding the long term consequences. Something as simple as a small amount of marijuana that was left in your college student’s car can change the trajectory of their life forever.

Arlington & Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney – We Fight For Your Rights.

The moments after an arrest are crucial. A reputable attorney will know the right questions to ask, the evidence to gather, and how to best advocate for you in any situation. We can provide you with discreet advice and most importantly, the best defense against life’s legal molehills to keep them from turning into mountains.