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Criminal Defense in Dallas-Fort Worth

Attorney Shane Lewis practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense in both State and Federal Court.  His goal is to provide the best possible representation to those charged in State and Federal cases.  Shane has a proven track record in the courtroom and has many years of experience.  He continues to earn a reputation for excellence arising from his commitment to his clients, his rigorous preparation and his passion for criminal defense.

Mr. Lewis routinely handles criminal defense matters involving:

Assault & Domestic Violence
Credit Card & Debit Card Abuse
Controlled Substances
Drug Crimes
Erase or Seal Your Criminal Record
DWI/DUI Defense
Internet Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Manslaugher & Murder
Probation Violations
Robbery & Theft
Sexual Assault

Attorney Shane Lewis

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No matter what your criminal history is, a conviction on your record for a criminal arrest can result in severe penalties. Mr. Lewis will make a professional assessment of you case and provide you with all necessary information that will assist you in making the right choices for yourself. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation.


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